Here are the rules!

Swearing is allowed but only if its abbreviated

Do NOT edit others user pages (unless you have perimission)

No vandalism what so ever

This wikia will only have 6 admins at a time no matter what so don't beg

Please do not post info about other Thomas specials or episodes

Do not add a page for a character not confirmed for the movie (So don't make a page for Duck or BoCo)

Please no fan fiction (unless its a blog post)

Admins, please give users 3 warnings before blocking

No sexual language even if its abbrevaited

No coughing or sneezing

No eating my pie

No easter egg hunting

Only 1 christmas present a year

Only go to 5 houses for halloween

No scary costumes

Only go to peoples houses you know


Do not speak in spanish

1+1=3 not 2 if you say its equals 2 you will be blocked

Don't go into a strangers car, unless its a limo